Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Symptoms

The following are the symptoms of OCD:

  •  People with OCD are usually aware that the obsessions and compulsions are nonsensical, but, great    effort, they cannot control them. 
  •  The obsessions and compulsions usually are not bizarre. They typically have possible or even ordinary content
  • There is marked cross-cultural consistency in the themes of the obsessions and compulsions, despite heterogeneity in specific symptoms.
  • Some patients suffer mainly obsessions, others mainly compulsions, and still others both. Thus OCD can express itself as primarily a cognitive-affective disorder or primarily an executive-behavioral disorder.
  • The obsessions and compulsions can go on for hours. For example, a “checker” checks, but cannot be sure and has to check again and again. The question “what if?” dominates, and there is no behavioral closure.

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